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How we do it?

The honor of the canton of Egypt Company for import and export to submit an explanatory statement to the firmness of the company will later in the study submitted to you in the event of work together

The study is divided into all aspects of the technical and financial and marketing of the practice of each of the Chinese market (art-Mali) and the Egyptian market (marketing-Mali) and ENUMERATE to you both:-

Technical Offer
  • We have a team of Chinese art at the highest level is providing all the technical data of the process from the beginning to the end of the Champions Trophy through field visits to all these factories, you the most important points, with an integrated technical team of more than 10 of the 10 largest factories in China.
  • Visual and electronic journals to these factories.
  • Concrete samples of all the factories.
  • Clarify the points of weakness and strength in each factory.
Financial offer
  • we have a team of Mali at the highest level is to provide all the financial statements of the process from the beginning to the end and you score to financial group with full price offer for all factories.
  • Compare all the prices of all the factories.
  • Shipping cost, internal and external.
  • The cost of customs and customs clearance of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • The total cost for each product you continued to replenish the Arab Republic of Egypt.
The offer Catalog
The company has a marketing team on a high level of efficiency, and we have the ability to marketing your products inside and outside of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Our company enjoys strong relations many states and we can provide all marketing methods as a distinguished contribution with your
Company Fees
Fees for the study estimated the company realistic process for ( $100 : $200 ) dollars deducted this amount with each import process your company will implement it together our Arab republic of Egypt appreciates the company in the process of import fee of 5% of the value of the procurement.
The physical and moral value in dealing with the canton of Egypt
  • Provision of effort from you in search of the fact that the plants serve to lead a successful agency and to promote you and not the contrary.
  • Providing money and piece the refund all money you once again in the form of discount from the commission of our office in China in every process thus your company has carried out a search and bring samples and magazines and negotiation with 10 factories in one time free and the attic be partners you in savings and success.And please accept the assurances of

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